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I hope to reach a successful level and really just learn and have fun with it. I want other people to learn and like the company, and my goal is to make my first one thousand dollars.

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As a skateboarder, chances are your thoughts are filled with the tricks you want to try, cool new gear to check out, and where you’d like to skate next. But before you can grab your board and head out the door, you need to get dressed for the day.

With Skater Haters boys skateboarding clothes, you’ll have what you need for an all-day skating session. Fit in and stand out at the skatepark or just in the classroom.

Youth skate clothes have evolved over the years, but they have always leaned into the counterculture trends that made skateboarding fashion popular. Let’s take a look at boys skate clothes trends and how to make them your own.


From street skating in Venice Beach to skate parks around the globe, skateboarding has always been more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. At the heart of this culture is a unique fashion sense that’s as iconic as the tricks themselves.

Skatercore is the essence of the skateboarding aesthetic. There are a few main elements that when combined, create a look that screams ready to hit the skate park. Let’s take a look at the whole skateboarder look, from head to toe.

Skater hater white shirt


Baggy graphic tees are a staple of skateboarding clothes. Whether your favorite skater tee is vintage, vintage style, or new brand, as long as it is big, it’ll most likely look dope.

When the heat outside is unbearable, skater skinny tops or tank tops are a great alternative to sweating to death.

Skater hater white sweater

Layer Up

When the weather turns cool, bring on the layers. Oversized hoodies, baggy jackets, even long-sleeved open flannel shirts can help stave off the chill while keeping you vibing. Another throwback 1990s fashion option to show off your favorite t-shirt is to pull it on over a long sleeve shirt. Rep your love of the Skater Haters brand in any weather forecast.

Skater hater white pants


Baggy pants embody the retro skateboarding aesthetic. Oversized pants and shorts are pillars of a skateboarder wardrobe.

Skateboarders sport baggy pants for a few reasons. The extra roominess allows for better mobility. Also, the extra fabric and air can help cushion you when you fall. The larger, or even additional pockets if you’re wearing cargo pants, provide practical solutions for transporting all of your skate day necessities.

Skater hater white black slides


While skating, the right skate shoes are crucial. Skate shoes are built differently than everyday sneakers. Here are some of the most important features of the best skateboarding shoes that set them apart from your standard tennis shoes:

  • Grip. You want your shoes and your board to have a lot of friction from strong grip to help keep them moving together. Less grippy shoes can see you wiping out more frequently.
  • Reinforcement. You put a lot of strain and pressure on your shoes when you are moving around as much as you do on a skateboard. Reinforced stitches help prevent you from asking Mom for a new pair every month.
  • Cushioning. With all the jumps and landings your feet absorb a lot of shock when you skateboard, particularly in your heels. Heel cushioning is vital for skateboarding shoes.

Other optional features include a toe cap (a rubber piece that helps extend the life of the front of your shoe) or a collar (extra cushioning around the ankles where you’re most likely to get hit by the board). These are up to the comfort level of each individual skater.

Skater hater white beanie


Trucker hats, baseball caps, flat-brimmed caps, and beanies are all great options for skateboarders. But what makes the best skateboarding hat? Showing off your favorite skating brand, band, character, or cause with a bold graphic fits right in line with skateboarding fashion trends. A hat with the cool, vivid Skater Haters logo will look great at the skatepark or on the street.

Another important skateboarding accessory to mention is the helmet. Protecting your brain with a flashy looking helmet is always an excellent idea.

The Evolution of Skateboarding Clothes

How has skateboard fashion changed over the years? What did skateboarders wear in the beginning days of the sport? Let’s examine how skater clothes have evolved over the decades.

The Early Days: Function over Fashion

In the early days of skateboarding, style took a backseat to functionality. Skateboarders needed clothes that could withstand the rigors of the streets and provide freedom of movement for executing tricks.

Baggy jeans, baggy skater shirts, and high-top sneakers became the unofficial uniform of the skateboarding scene. These clothing options offered comfort and durability during long hours on the board.

Thrift Store Chic

As skateboarding gained popularity in the 1980s, a punk rock look became more prevalent. Skateboarders began customizing their clothes with patches, pins, and graffiti-inspired artwork. This created a unique aesthetic celebrating individuality and creativity. Thrift store finds became prized possessions, with skaters scouring secondhand shops for one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their wardrobe.

Streetwear Takes Center Stage

By the 1990s, skateboarding had gone mainstream, and with it came a new wave of fashion influences. Streetwear brands rose to prominence, blurring the lines between skate culture and mainstream fashion. Graphic t-shirts, snapback hats, and baggy cargo pants became staples of the skateboarding scene, with flashy logos and branding playing a prominent role in the aesthetic. Rep your love of the Skater Haters brand with our range of branded skater clothes for boys.

Tech Meets Style: Performance Fabrics and Innovation

In recent years, skateboarding clothes have kept up with technological revolutions, with a focus on performance fabrics and innovative design. Some brands have introduced skate-specific lines featuring moisture-wicking materials, reinforced stitching, and impact-resistant padding, providing skaters with gear that not only looks good but performs under pressure. Our Skater Haters Sports T-Shirt is made of antimicrobial, moisture wicking polyester.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

A significant shift in skateboarding has been the embrace of diversity and inclusivity. Skateboarding has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, but in recent years, there has been a push for greater representation of women and opening up the community to everyone. This shift is reflected in the skateboarding fashion world as well.

Shredding in Style

The beauty of skateboard fashion is that even though it has evolved over the years, it has also, in many ways, remained the same. Boys skateboarding clothes today are very reminiscent of skater fashion from 25 years ago. Whether you’re rocking a vintage tee or the latest performance fabric, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to skateboarding clothes, there are a million and one ways to shred in style.

How to Own the Skater Look

If everyone is wearing oversized clothes, how can you make room for your own style? Is it possible to both stand out and fit in? Here are some ideas that can take your outfit from the same look as everyone else to something fresh:

Skater hater mix up the colors

Mix up the colors

Be as bold or as subtle as you want with color. Feel like standing out? Take a chance on neons. Want to show off eco vibes? Choose earthy or neutral tones.

Skater hater graphics

Have fun with the graphics

Choose graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies that rep your favorite bands, characters, and more. Or show off your love of skating with outfits featuring the bold Skater Haters logo.

Skater hater white socks

Sock it to me

Show off your personality on your feet. Add a touch of individuality to your outfit by sporting fun and trendy tube socks. Grab a pair of Skater Haters Skaterboarding Socks to help your feet stand out in style.

Skater Haters for Skater Boys

The Skater Haters brand was built by a skateboard-loving father and son duo. We offer apparel and accessories that tick all the boxes for the perfect skatercore wardrobe. You’ll find skateboarding clothes that are:

  • Oversized
  • Comfortable
  • Feature bold designs
  • High-quality

Once you start adding Skater Haters clothing into your skating wardrobe, you won’t want to stop.