Oversized & Baggy Skater Clothes

You’ve come to the right place if you want your clothes to give off as much rizz as your tricks on the board. Embrace classic baggy skateboard fashion, from oversized skate t-shirts to sweatshirts and accessories. Skater Haters welcomes all skating style enthusiasts.

Skateboarders and Baggy Clothing

When you think of skateboarding clothes, the first word that pops into your head is most likely “baggy.” (“Dope” or “dripping” are also acceptable answers, but they’re probably closely followed by “baggy.”) Baggy or oversized clothing has been a signature of skating culture since it began.

Why do skateboarders gravitate toward clothes they could possibly fit into twice over? Turns out, there are a few practical reasons behind it.

Better Range of Motion

Have you ever put on a pair of pants that you’ve outgrown? They probably feel a little more snug than you’d like? You may be hardly able to bend over in them, let alone grab your board to go out and perform a proper kick flip.

Trying to stick a new trick requires movement. The well-confined look might work for some people who don’t need to jump, run, or eat, but for anyone who likes to be able to actually move, let alone skate, having more room is a much better choice. Baggier clothes provide for a better range of motion than restrictive and stiff clothing.


Airbags keep you safe in the unfortunate event of a car crash. Baggy clothes serve as a form of buffer between you and the hard concrete in the unfortunate event of wiping out. With baggy clothing, you can save yourself from some unnecessary pain. If you fall while sporting an oversized Skater Haters sweatshirt, you’re more likely to save your elbows and wrists from scratches.

You may be wondering why skaters don’t just wear stretchier materials if they’re so concerned with being able to move around. Stretchy materials actually tend to tear easier, that’s why. Leggings are not going to [protect you when you fall down the quarter pipe.

Often skate pants are made from thicker materials, like denim or canvas. This sturdier material helps to keep your knees from sporting permanent road rash. And if you happen to get a new rip in them, they’re still going to look on-trend (maybe even more so).


Baggy clothing is also able to accommodate all body sizes and types, making oversized clothes accessible to any skater. The versatility of baggy pants and sweatshirts, especially those that include drawstrings and adjustable waistbands, allow skaters to be comfortable and prevent wardrobe malfunctions on or off the board. Nothing ruins a skate day like your pants falling down. The versatility of oversized skater clothing lets skater focus on learning new tricks rather than on uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothes.

Skaters wear baggy, oversized clothing for functionality, style, safety, and adaptability. They also wear them to help fit in with fashion trends and counterculture. Baggy clothing call back to the origins of skate-style while still looking great at the skate park today.

The whole Skater Haters range of apparel and accessories embraces the skating style fashion trends we have come to know and love. The Skater Haters branded t-shirts, hoodies, and even tube socks sport the bold Skater Haters logo. When you size up on most clothing items you’ll fit in with the classic baggy skater fit. Layer up with sweatshirts or hoodies to stay cool even on colder days.

What Is Skater Style?

Skater style is more than just wearing baggy skateboarder clothes; skater style is part of a skater lifestyle. The clothes you wear at the skatepark, on the street, or in the classroom can help to show off your love of the sport and your unique personality.

The bold graphic logos and designs on your t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories display your individuality. Oversized t-shirts provide mobility on and off the board, but they also give off a relaxed and chilled out vibe. Skateboarding shoes should be grippy and practical, but wearing them to school or on the street shows that you’re always game to pull out your board.

No skate-style look is complete without skating accessories. These can include socks, hats, and backpacks. With any baggy fit, sporting a cool belt is important to help hold your jeans or cargo pants while you’re on the go.

Another skating style signature is the cuffed pants look. While baggy pants are cool and practical, extra length at the bottom of your pants can be dangerous and problematic. Many skaters will cuff their pants to help avoid them hitting skateboard decks and wheels. Cuffing means to roll or fold up the bottom of the pant legs. Cuffing can be done in large or small rolls or folds. Some skate pants come with the bottoms cut off to avoid having to cuff.

Sporting a skater style tells the world that you’re not conforming to conventional fashion rules and that comfort and practicality are important to you. The whole range of Skater Haters apparel and accessories embraces skater style. And let’s be honest, it all looks pretty good.

Skater Haters Baggy Skateboarder Clothes

Skater Haters has everything you could want in a skateboarding clothing and accessories brand. Let’s look at what makes Skater Haters baggy skateboarding clothes perfect to add to your skating wardrobe.


Skater Haters oversized t-shirts, skateboarding hoodies, sweatshirts, and more are cozy and comfortable. You’ll want to wear these from the street straight to sleep. (You may want to wash them first, though.)

Each Skater Haters clothing item you pick up will be the new favorite in your rotation. Our branded baggy tees and hoodies will be your go-to grabs when you want to feel as good as you look.


Each quality Skater Haters clothing item will hold up through many skating days, complete with kick flips, ollies, and bails. With baggier clothing, the wear and tear will take longer to show though, and when it does it’ll have you looking cooler than ever.

Our shirts and oversized skater hoodies are made from cotton blends that provide both durability and comfort. Shrinkage is minimal, so you won’t have to be worried about losing the oversized bagginess factor. Our range of skater apparel is designed to offer breathability, style, and comfort.


One great thing about the skater lifestyle is that you don’t have to know how to ollie to be welcome in most skateboarding communities. With the right fashion choices, anyone can adopt the skater boy or skater girl look and pull it off nicely.

Skater style has left a permanent mark on the fashion world, with current trends all embracing the baggy. You can’t swipe through TikTok without seeing someone repping the skate-style look.

With the oversized-look being in for everyone, you’ll still be able to style your fits in your own personal way. Skater Haters has a variety of stylish clothing items that can be added into your already existing wardrobe. Most of our pieces come in a variety of different colors so you can lean into your favorites. And the addition of the Skater Haters brand logo is pretty sick, too.


Just like you need a helmet for your head, you’ll want your body to be protected from any possible wipe outs as well. Like we pointed out above, baggy clothing will help to cushion your fall the next time you find yourself at the bottom of a bowl. The Skater Haters line offers plenty of baggy skateboarder clothes to help keep you safer than going skating in tighter fits.


Don’t like to hit the skate park with a backpack? No problem. Your Skater Haters hoodie has generous pockets to store all your skate day necessities. Don’t leave home without your phone or board wax.

Dress for all seasons in Skater Haters looks. Our range of outerwear is warm and t-shirts are cool. Both are perfect for layering up and being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Skater Haters brand baggy apparel and accessories embrace everything you could want in a clothing line–comfort, quality, style, protection, and practicality.

What We Have to Offer

At Skater Haters, you’ll find something for every skater (and even something for the posers). Our range of clothing and accessories includes branded oversized tees with our bold signature logo and hoodies and sweatshirts perfect for cooler days when the temperature just can’t keep you from hitting the skate park.

Our clothing isn’t just for guys, either. Skater girls are also welcome at Skater Haters. Girls too can embrace the oversized, baggy look, or pair a skinny top with a large jacket or flannel.

Many of the styles at Skater Haters are unisex, but there are some pieces with a more feminine cut. Cropped sweatshirts and women’s cut tees can be found on our site.

More than just oversized fits, you will also find a range of accessories perfect for skateboarders and skate style enthusiasts. Backpacks are a skater day essential to help free up your arms and pockets. A Skater Haters branded backpack looks cool and is the perfect way to tote around everything you need at school, on the street, or at the park.

Beanies are a classic fashion accessory made popular by skateboarders over the past few decades. What’s better to top off your skate day look than a Skater Haters branded beanie?

Gen Z and younger have embraced the trendy “wear your personality on your socks” look. If you are interested in a more subtle way to show off your individual style, the Skater Haters Skateboarding Socks are calling your name. These cushioned-bottom tube socks are a small way to make a big statement.

If there’s still space on your water bottle, laptop, or skateboard deck, you’ll need more stickers. And if there isn’t, you’ll need another water bottle, laptop, or skateboard deck. Skater Haters branded stickers can add a huge aesthetic impact while showing off your love of the skater lifestyle and for our brand.

The Skater Haters Story

Apples don’t fall far from the tree, and that’s certainly the case for the father and son duo that started the Skater Haters skateboarding apparel brand. Not only has Damon Burton taught his son all about skateboarding, he’s also inspired an entrepreneurial spirit in him. These two peas in a pod share a passion for grinding both on the rails and in the office. When you make a purchase from the Skater Haters website, you can rest assured that each item has been skater approved.