Skaters have always been trendsetters, but we can now confirm that everyone wants in on the baggy skate clothes trend. Skater style is not just for the guys; even the girls on TikTok and Instagram are getting outfit inspiration from skater culture.

With the death of skinny jeans and tons of people new to the aesthetic, we have rounded up some must-have items for the perfect drip. From your head to your shoes, here are skater-style essentials.

Perfect Drip: Skater Style Essentials.,

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Flat-soled shoes

Whether they’re classic Vans or Converse, a standard skate shoe is a must. The flat sole helps keep stability between your foot and the pavement and is sturdy enough to survive the wear and tear of skating for hours at a time.

There are tons of flat-sole shoes on the market, which means there are also many styles, colors, and designs to choose from. No matter where you go with your fit, starting with a classic skater shoe is an important first step.

Long Socks

We aren’t talking about those socks that go past your knees, but we aren’t saying you should go with no-shows, either. A ribbed tube sock, especially one branded with a cool skater logo, like Skater Haters skateboarding socks, is a small touch that can pull the whole outfit together.

Baggy Skater Pants

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Baggy pants, whether they’re jeans, cargos, or sweats, have been on the rise since the fall of the skinny silhouette. Baggy bottoms have recently been trending on runways and social media feeds, but skaters have been rocking the fit since the ‘70s.

When choosing baggy pants, the more pockets you’ve got, the better. Cargos are a classic look and have become more mainstream in recent years, so they are much more available than they used to be. Wide-leg jeans are also a closet staple and are super durable when it comes to surviving a fall. Plus, denim never goes out of style, so you’ll wear your jeans for years. Baggy sweats are a newer addition to the skater scene but show off that comfy-meets-functional vibe with an emphasis on the comfy.

Darker-colored fabric tends to be a more mainstream skater look, but lighter washes and dyes are great for warmer weather or a lighter fit. No matter what style of baggy bottoms you choose, a thicker fabric that protects you from scrapes is a must.

Baggy Shorts for Skateboarding

If you live somewhere with warmer weather, the idea of drowning in tons of fabric is a nightmare. Although baggy pants will protect you a bit when falling, they definitely won’t protect you from the heat. Baggy shorts are the way to go if you get overheated in warm weather.

Oversized Skateboarding T-Shirts

The oversized tee goes with everything: jeans, chinos, cargos, sweats, and shorts. You can wear an oversize skate t-shirt alone in the warmer months, layered over a long-sleeved shirt in the spring or fall, and under sweatshirts and hoodies in colder weather. A t-shirt is versatile, comfy, and effortlessly cool. Like bottoms, a thicker t-shirt fabric like heavyweight cotton will stand up to fall better without tearing.

Beyond the loose, comfy fit, an oversized t-shirt or baggy skater sweater is the perfect canvas for expressing your style. Great graphic tees can allow you to show off brands you love, bring awareness to causes you support, or make a statement while doing tricks and flips. Skate culture has always gone hand-in-hand with subculture and counterculture movements.

Oversized Hoodies for Skateboarding

If there’s anything that rivals baggy tees in the must-have department, it’s the oversized hoodie. A hoodie fits perfectly with the baggy vibe of the whole outfit, adding another layer of warmth and protection from falls. Oversized skateboarding hoodies are an absolute must for any skater style wardrobe. Plus, like with t-shirts, oversize skater hoodies let you show off unique designs, statements, and brands.

Skateboarding Accessories

You can add tons of finishing touches to your fit that create a personal, authentic feel.

  • Hats are a massive part of skater culture. The most popular styles are beanies and snapbacks.
  • Layering a flannel button-down over your tee is perfect for cool weather and has been another staple skate wardrobe item since the ‘90s.
  • A cross-body bag or backpack is perfect for carrying gear, snacks, and water.
  • Chains, rings, and sunglasses will round out your fit and choosing these details are an excellent way of making your style unique to you.

We get why skater style is popular because it blends comfort, it’s trendy, and the fits look great on everyone. Adding some baggy clothes, hats, and skateboarding shoes to your wardrobe will help you create skater looks you’ll want to wear on repeat.


Skaters have always been trendsetters, and now it’s clear that everyone wants to get in on the baggy skate clothes trend. Check out this infographic for all the must-have skater-style essentials.

7 Skater Style Essentials Infographic