Whether you’re new to skating or not, there is one thing everyone knows about the culture, and it’s that they love their fits baggy.

Why do skateboarders wear baggy clothing, though?

Skaters Love Skateboarding in Baggy Clothes


There are actually quite a few reasons us skaters dress the way we do. While a lot of it comes from the history of skate style, there is also influence from the nature of the sport itself. If you are just getting into the lifestyle, it can help to understand why this style is about more than just looking cool. Understanding the why can help you feel like you fit in while keeping you safe and comfortable.

Crash protection?

When you’re in a car, you know that if you crash, airbags will be there to protect you. Well, baggy clothes are like the airbags of skateboarding. While they won’t inflate to soften the blow -although that would be super cool- they might support you from cuts and scrapes. The extra fabric folds over when you skid on the ground, preventing contact with your skin, which may lessen road burn or cuts you might deal with. Skate styles also tend to gravitate towards thicker, weighty fabrics, such as denim or canvas. These fabrics support the wear and tear on any given day skateboarding.

As a bonus, any crashes that might rip up your jeans mean you’ll have a real, authentic torn-jean look. Now, when your grandma asks if you paid extra for the holes in your pants, you can tell her they’re legit.

Clothing Mobility

Skateboarding requires a lot of movement in different directions, meaning mobility is key. Tighter clothes skateboarding, especially if they are made with thicker fabrics, can really restrict your movement. We can all agree that skating in a straitjacket would be a crazy idea, so it is best to avoid tighter fits.

Choosing baggy skate clothes means getting the most mobility you can -that is, while still wearing clothing, which we highly recommend. The freedom to move means the freedom to try new tricks and skills without feeling held back by fabric.

If baggy jeans or cargos aren’t your vibe, try a jogger or wide-leg sweatpants that can give you the same benefits of baggy but with a more athletic look.

Weathering the storm

Because skateboarding is a lifestyle as well as a sport, there isn’t a specific season for it like basketball or football. Skating all year round, as long as the weather holds is normal, and baggy skater clothes help make that possible. Thick fabrics, and lots of it, keep you warm and somewhat protected from the elements. Plus, oversized pieces mean you can layer more fitted clothing underneath for maximum warmth without sacrificing style.

Packing with Pockets

On a long day skateboarding, you’ll probably be bringing quite a bit of stuff along with you. While backpacks and fanny packs are a staple, sometimes you want to pack a bit lighter or bring more than your bag can fit. Enter in pockets. Typically, baggier options have more room for pockets. Skater hoodies, cargo pants, sweats, and big jeans typically all have lots of pockets and very large ones. Choosing a baggy option can allow more room for storage to keep everything you need on hand.

There are tons of skateboarding accessories to pack for a day of skating, and keeping them within reach is ideal. Pockets in baggy clothes allow you to keep snacks, phones, chargers, keys, and other small items close by when needed.

Now, of course, there are pockets on other clothing items, but baggy and oversized clothes allow for easier access. Have you ever worn skinny jeans and gotten your hand stuck in your pocket? Now imagine trying to get out what you need in a pair of skin-tight pants. That scenario is not ideal when trying to stay balanced on your board. Baggy items typically promise bigger, more convenient pockets.

Skateboarding Culture

While skate style and skateboarding culture emphasize expressing yourself uniquely and authentically, it can also be nice to feel like you fit in somewhere. Dressing in cool skater boy shirts and hoodies, and other baggy items can help you feel more in the know if you’re new to a skatepark or group.

Although certain styles of clothing are associated with skateboarding, including your own style still matters. An oversized skater shirt or oversized skater hoodie can be a great canvas to express yourself. Choosing cool designs or logos from brands you support is a great way to feel like yourself while fitting in with the people around you.

There is a ton of history behind why skaters wear what they do, but for over four decades, the style has been dominated by baggy outfits. If you want to feel like a tried-and-true skater, oversized is the best bet to look the part while keeping comfortable, mobile, and safe.


Skate culture is known for its love of baggy fits, influenced by both its history and the nature of the sport. It’s more than just a cool look—it’s about feeling comfortable and fitting in while staying safe. For more information, take a look at the infographic.

5 Skater Clothing Perks Infographic