Like any sport, a day spent skateboarding means necessary equipment and preparation. When you want to get out and skateboard, you don’t want to worry about not having the right things with you or forgetting something at home.

You want to ensure that you have everything you need every time you go to skate, no matter the conditions. To make your life easier, here’s a checklist of everything you might need for your next ride so that you can focus on perfecting your tricks and hanging out with friends.

Skate Day Essentials

Skateboarding gear

First of all, you’re going to need a skateboard. Yeah, it’s obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times we’ve walked out the door without ours. Set yours out first so you know not to forget it.

In addition to your board, it’s important to bring what your board will need. Skate wax is perfect if you plan on skating ledges to keep things gliding smoothly. Some spare parts, like screws, bolts, and wheels are a good idea to throw in your bag in case something breaks, falls off, or gives out. If you bring parts, you should also have the tools to use them. A skate multi-tool will have your back if a piece of equipment lets you down. And you can’t forget your skateboarding stickers.

Next, you have to think about safety. If you believe that skaters don’t prioritize protection, you’re wrong. Even Tony Hawk wears safety gear. So, listen to your mom and pack gear like a helmet and pads. This equipment will keep you skating all day, even if you take a tumble or two.

Skate clothes

Baggy skate clothes are a great go-to option. Baggy fits suit the style and the function of skating, giving you mobility and added protection from falls.

Dressing for the weather is also an important part of skate day prep. Wearing the wrong outfit for the forecast could cut your ride short. Ending up overheating, freezing cold, or soaking wet is different from how you want your day to go, so proper preparation and packing are essential.

Before you head out for the day, look at the forecast. Pack some waterproof items like a rain jacket if things look a little overcast. A baseball cap or other hat with a brim can help keep water out of your eyes.

Chilly weather sneaks up on you, so remember layers. Oversized fits are perfect for getting some thermal pieces under more stylish clothing. Oversized skate hoodies can keep you looking cool and feeling warm. On the flip side, if the weather is heating up, an oversized skate t-shirt and some baggy shorts make for a great outfit that won’t drown you in heavy fabric that will have you cooking like a gas station hot dog.

Skateboarding Energy

Speaking of hot dogs, packing food for your ride is critical, especially if you plan to be out for a long time. Skateboarding burns many calories, so you will get hungrier quicker on days you’re out riding than on days you aren’t. Pack something to nibble on while you’re out to save a trip home to get some food or some money for the convenience store. Protein bars, granola bars, fruit snacks, beef jerky, and other small foods that fit in your pocket are fantastic for satisfying a slight grumble in your stomach. If you plan on being out all day and bringing a bag, packing a full meal, like you would when you were in school, will have you saving money and staying full and focused. Food with protein can help you feel fuller for longer, and carbs will be a great way to give your body some quick energy.

What goes hand in hand with food? That’s right, drinks. Water is non-negotiable when it comes to packing for a day out. Staying hydrated is critical whether you’ll be gone for a few hours or all day. Packing a reusable water bottle will keep you hydrated and is kinder to the environment. Plus, you can customize it with skate stickers, much like with the bottom of your deck. In the summer months, consider bringing an electrolyte drink in addition to your water to replenish what you lose when you sweat.

Staying hydrated and full means you will have the energy to stay out longer and feel better at the end of the day. You can focus on your skating without sacrificing time and money finding food or drink.

Skateboarding odds and ends

There are a few little things that you should have with you on your skate day that are easy to forget. You should always leave the house with your wallet, ID, and cash on hand, and it’s no different when you go out skating for the day. If you’ll be gone for long hours, a portable charger can keep you from hurrying home with a dying phone or having a dead one while trying to listen to your music. Speaking of music, if you’re going solo, some headphones are fabulous for getting the vibe going on long rides. Riding at night? Keeping some lights you can set up where you’re skating is excellent for keeping the party going after dark.

Getting it together

We know we just gave you a lot to think about and remember when you’re packing for your ride, and all those things need somewhere to go. A backpack or duffel bag is great for keeping all your gear in one place and easy to carry. You can typically find them anywhere you can find mens youth skateboard apparel online. There’s lots to pack, but being prepared before you head out the door means you can spend time doing what you love and not running back and forth to get what you need.